Creating A chalkboard typography effect in illustrator

Creating A chalkboard typography effect in illustrator 1 . open new document in illustrator  for this i m using cs6         2. choose rectangle  tool and create one according to your need         3. Fill rectangle with slightly green color and fill gradient with radial option           4.Create new layer  ... Read More »

Color Theory for Designers

Color Theory for Designers Color is the most important thing in design and art, to master it needs lot of practice and understanding and it also very confusing sometimes your mind boggled very badly to understand basic color theory  remember and follow this chart. more on upcoming posts. temporary image hosting Read More »

Oriental Drawing Practice

Oriental Drawing Practice Have you ever wondered the beautiful masterpieces of Asian so called oriental drawing how create there unique style the perfect line or master stroke today i .ll give little light upon that how you can create your true style in oriental drawing. 1 Try to observe nature see carefully things  around your surroundings. 2 Focus on subject ... Read More »

Wonderful Triangle Pixelation Effect and design in Photoshop

Wonderful Triangle Pixelation Effect and design in Photoshop Well nowadays pixelation effect is quite popular it is used in print and web design learn this is very simple just follow me 1 Open Photoshop and open any favorite picture of your’s 2 After opening the image make a copy in your layer panel two times. 3  Select the second ... Read More »

Mastery in line Drawing -unknown Secret

Mastery in line Drawing – unknown Secret to master in line drawing you need to practice, i often heard about from artists but what kind of practice how should i do what material is need etc. i’m going to talk about basic primary exercises at this starting point to free you hand Ok,first no expensive material or paper only 6b ... Read More »

Drawing – Understanding Basic emotions in art

Drawing – Understanding Basic emotions in art To understand emotions and give an expression to your art it is necessary to understand emotions there are several other emotions but i’m talking about four main expressions Which are happy,sad, angry,and silent In drawing we understand these through lines So lines are the keys to depict emotion straight, Curved, Zigzag,Flat etc below ... Read More »

Masonry js (Creating grid design by js )

What is Masonry? Masonry is  javascript plugin  which is used to create grid layout  . It place the elements  or boxed in optimal position according to the space available vertically , Same like a mason  works  when he builds the wall . So many websites using this pattern these days , The one very good example is Pintrest , All ... Read More »

Right way to use Composer

What is Composer Composer is project management tool in PHP , Which is very much inspired by NPM in Node It is use manage the packges used in your project, Very convient and very easy in handling project management How to use Composer Before using it you have to install it , Installation is not too tough either its very ... Read More »